Yaaarrrgggh II; aftermath…

When M came home yesterday, she noted that I was grouchy; after further study, she determined that I was generally distraught, and felt it was because of the commotion. I had to agree with her – She said “You’re so tied to your place,” which was not meant as a bad thing.

She’s right; no secure back yard means dog can’t go out when he wants, and that cats aren’t as safe because neighbor dogs could potentially get in the yard.

No pantry means contents are strewn all over my kitchen.

No kitchen means I can’t cook for me and M, on three days off in a row, which I live to do when I get the chance.

Generally distraught, indeed…

Thankfully, most of the shelves were dry this morning, and the repainted pantry looks better than ever; we’ll get to reorganize and throw or donate whatever we no longer need, which is always a good exercise…

Our crew arrived and promptly sewed everything back together in the backyard, better than it had been.

I do know that my little problems are complete horseshit compared to what’s going on in the world, but the fact is, with everything going on the world, having your own little quiet corner, if one is so fortunate, is more important than ever.

We are indeed blessed, and very, very thankful for that.


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2 Responses to Yaaarrrgggh II; aftermath…

  1. Dean Kumbalek says:

    reminds me how things come together and fall apart. I like that brand of tomatoes!

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